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October 31, 2022

Hi y’all

My name is Morgan. I just wanted to let y’all know that minoxidil does work! Especially for those super slow gainers like me! So here it goes!

Where do I get my supplies?

That store is a scam?

To be honest, I also believed it was a scam as well 😂 till I reach out to their support team before ordering. During the worst time of the pandemic, they managed to get my order to my doorstep (12 bottles split into 3 different shipments) within 31 day time frame.

I’m in the US so it might be different for someone In Europe during that time. 

My routines:

Minoxidil (12.5% Morr) 2 times a day.

Biotin 10,000 mg 1 time a day from week 4

Trimming ( 1 cm guard) once a month.

Jojoba oil + PEO only when my face dried up like shit

Summary of my journey:

Day 0 Image below

First 2 months: Easy peasy, the perm hair that is already on my face before minoxidil, grows out fast and thick asf! So I be trimming it on a weekly schedule. The side effects of 12.5% minoxidil also has reduced to almost non-existence at the end of month 2, but flaky skins still there though.

Month 1 Progress image below

Month 4th: At this stage, I started to gains some new hair at places that never had grown on my face before (also other places gained hair as well 😏) pimples started popping up on my face so I stopped using 12.5% minoxidil daily, 1-2 times a week max while taking biotin daily.

Month 4 Progress image below

6 months-12 months: Now this is where the big plateau hit. Not much visible gains and making me feel like it might not work at all, but I keep pushing through it.Minox usage is 3 times a week with biotin daily. 

Month 6 Progress image below

1 year & 4 months: This is where most of my hair turning from transitional to permanent. Minox usage is random now since I did achieve a decent beard (considered that my bloodline has 0 hair on their faces).

16 Months Progress image below

I plan on to continue my Minox journey till I hit that 3 years mark, in hope of getting the lumberjack beard! I will update you guys on it once it reaches a new milestones! As for now,

Thank you for readings! 


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